Steps Towards a Common WG Vocabulary

aloha, all!

if we are to break out of the terminological tangle that substitutes 
for a common working group vocabulary, and the disambiguation of 
terms used in the HTML WG's work, with the aim of providing a Common 
Vocabulary for the working group, it is necessary to maintain a list 
of the working group's consensus on specific terms and/or concepts.

thus, when a particular word is used to describe a functionality, a 
class of tools, or an individual user group, there is a resource 
which defines the working group's consensus on the definition of 
that word or concept...

before we can move ahead with our design principles document, let 
alone the HTML5 draft, there is a need to provide a reference for 
specific terms used in HTML WG documents to this end, i have created 
a Common Vocabulary meta-page on the ESW wiki:

contributions, comments and criticism welcome,
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