Re: Documents now public

Tom Worthington wrote:

> This may sound cynical, and not relevant to developing accessibility 
> standards, but there is no point in developing a standard if it will not 
> be used. Many years ago it seemed that all we had to do was develop some 
> metadata standards and documents would be easy to find < 
>>. We got the standards, but almost no 
> one is bothering to enter the metadata. What was lacking was some reward 
> for the original authors to enter the data. Making it a rule that they 
> had to do it and threatening them with legal action doesn't work.

Maybe it's not exactly a "reward" but answering the "what's this about?" 
question because the creation tools make that trivial might be of 
service in this regard.

One theme of ATAG was to make accessibility seamless with authoring. 
This suggests that indexing could become a privilege for the author 
rather than a burden if the creative process were to be expanded by the 
tools used by creators?


Received on Thursday, 13 October 2005 00:53:58 UTC