@key on xhtml2:access still a hot topic

John Foliot has provided a fresh recapitulation of the arguments
against the inclusion of @key on xhtml2:access.


Several accessibility worthies have posted support for this position
on www-html.


I see two levels of questions:

** functional requirements:

Should authors be suggesting key bindings for accelerated functions
in their Web Aps?

** design details:

[Presuming that there is a valid requirement to afford authors the
opportunity to nominate key bindings, as they nominate other styling
in CSS stylesheets, for example...]

In the emerging XHTML2 generation of technologies, EMMA, sXBL, etc,
is there a 'right way' that this could have been done but it's missing
in the available toolkit at this time?

Is there a better migration path through existing technology ( such
as script ) that affords as good accessibility results without a detour
into a potentially "deprecated on introduction" placeholder feature?


Received on Friday, 18 November 2005 16:00:14 UTC