Re: Survey for profiles and rel values

As I can only sanely subscribe to a finite number of discussion lists, I
am also sending this to you directly in hopes that it is of some help.
If this discussion spills onto some of the other W3C lists I monitor
(,, I will continue in
that forum.

Regarding relative links, one which has always been endorsed, but never
actually defined (to my surprise) is that for P3P:

	<link rel="P3Pv1" ... (or whichever version used)

I would also suggest: 

(It would be nice if this could also be expanded to cover multiple
   <link rel="Author" href="/expertise/" title="Authors" />
   <link rel="Individual_Authors" href="/expertise/derekfeatherstone/7"
title="Derek Featherstone" />
   <link rel="Individual_Authors" href="/expertise/johnfoliot/8"
title="John Foliot" />)

(which already has some browser support - again multiple instances would
be great)

	POLICY (Policies? Privacy?)
(Related to P3P, but envisioned as direct links to human readable
policies, as required by some legal and/or internal policy requirements)

(Oh that I wish EARL was taken more seriously...)

Finally, there are a number of articles to be found at on <link>
which may or may not be relevant:

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