Request for Input: special session on web page annotation and semantics

The WCAG WG has an outstanding issue on how authors should be
encouraged to make language-use resources meet their
"programmatically locatable" requirements.

The PF WG has an outstanding issue on how formats such as XHTML 2.0
should best support the concepts expressed in XAG guidelines 2 and 4
(have a model, export the model).

Next Wednesday starting at noon, Eastern time (in the regularly
scheduled PF telecon timeslot but for two hours) PF will welcome
guests from WCAG, Semantic Web, and perhaps elsewhere to discuss
accessibility applications of Semantic Web techniques. We will use
the above two issues as concrete anchors. We will be sure to talk
about these. Other use cases and technical strategies will be
addressed to the extent that they a) bear on one of these b) seem
promising for some adaptive- access use case, and/or c) are readily
implemented with available Web technologies.

Please use this list to help us focus the issues and refine that
agenda between now and the call.



Received on Thursday, 5 August 2004 13:49:20 UTC