Timed Text work

Hello all,
(sorry in advance for the large distribution, but I really feel all the
recipient fora are potentially interested)

This message to let you know that the WAI technical activity, thru its
CG, has created a task force to discuss the creation of a new WG to
develop a XML based Timed Text format.

TT for short - and for now - is basically a captioning format used to
synchronize a text stream with some other timed media, like audio or

 <text begin="2s" end="4s">That's him, Dude.</text>
 <text begin="6s" end="8s">And a good day to you, sir.</text>
   (syntax not binding; missing a bunch of layout/rate controls)

The name of the list is


 (initials stand for Public Timed Text Task Force mailing list
  and www-tt-tf-request@w3.org is up for auto subscribe)

This list is *not* the TT working group list yet (since the WG is not
formed yet), so it's not a place to discuss elements and attributes
semantics and syntax and start drafting specs.

It's a list to scope the work, existing formats, identify core
participants (chair, staff contact, content provider, software
developers, etc), plan the deliverables, refine the requirements (in
particular in the area of reutilisation of existing W3C XML modules of
XHTML, SMIL, SVG, etc), come up with a draft charter, identify the W3C
domain and activity that could potentially host the WG (as we're more
and more convinced it's not just an accessibility item), etc.

If you want to know more about it, there's a draft requirement
document at
and you can also look at the RealText or the SAMI specs.

Received on Wednesday, 16 January 2002 04:40:23 UTC