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Kynn Bartlett wrote:
> Hi, Geoff --
> In March you wrote to the WAI UA working group about the use of the
> term "auditory
> description" instead of "audio description", as quoted here:
> >GF:
> >My only objection to this definition is the term itself.  "Audio
> >description" has become the industry's
> >  generic term for extra tracks of descriptive narration.  It is used
> >in Section 508; in SMIL 2.0, there's an
> >  element called systemAudioDesc, not systemAuditoryDesc, which is
> >used to toggle descriptions on or
> >  off, if present.   Thus, in the interest of conformity and clarity,
> >I think you're better off replacing
> >  "auditory description" with "audio description".
> >
> >Geoff Freed

Note: Based on Geoff's comment, the 22 June draft [1] of UAAG 1.0 
includes both:

   An auditory description (sometimes, "audio description") is 
   either a prerecorded human voice or a synthesized
   voice (recorded or generated dynamically) describing the key visual 
   elements of a movie or other animation. The  auditory description is
   synchronized with the audio track of the presentation, usually during 
   natural pauses in the audio track. Auditory descriptions include 
   information about actions, body language, graphics, and scene

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