archive: brief list of issues

Here's my current working version of a rough issues list.


A. Big bad issues

* The top level index page is very hard to find things in.

* There should be a skip-nav link in all pages.

B.  Medium issues

* Search function is hard to use with screen reader because of initial
you are supposed to keep.  Could list address be moved to hidden input?

* The preamble links in the message page to related messages only identify the
target, not the relationship (stated before link).

C.  Other issues

* The regular pattern of navigation links on message pages are a natural

* The different kinds of sorting are a natural application for icons. 
Identifying the date, thread, etc. index pages within those pages and in the
links leading there both from the top level and from the message pages.

* There should be a link from top level archive page to group home page or
equivalent.  Introductory legend linking there could also mention public vs.
confidential status of this information.

* Help for using the archive should be provided.  The "help" link following
search form is not clear.  Would expect help for archive, it is help for
(this association is indicated by layout).

* In the top level index page, if a table, use TH where appropriate.  

* Messages with un-wrapped text generate very wide pages in PRE.  Left-right
scrolling very hard to use.

* The list formatting for the list of related messages in the prologue on the
message page is broken.  The "next message" link shows up before the UL
the list in the message I happened to copy to edit.

D.  System issues.

[These items are not directly implemented in the hypertext of the mail
archives, but would improve the contribution of the lists and archives as

* "Mail me a fresh copy" function.  Also addresses unwrapped text.

* Hyperlink from message distributed by email to list to archives (self in
archive, probably).

Received on Monday, 27 August 2001 19:00:46 UTC