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You will not receive any more messages from WebHosting.com this is a one time special offer notice.

WebHosting.com is offering a selected number of webhost's member's the following special offer. This offer is not available on our website at www.webhosting.com or anywhere else, this is a special offer and is valid only for a limitied time. Read on to learn more about this amazing offer.

For only $6.25 (one time fee) you can get:

> 500mb webspace
> unlimited pop3 email addresses
> cgi-bin
> full ftp access
> php, ssi, my-sql, asp support
> mySQL database
> unlimited bandwidth
> miva merchant account
> secure server for transactions
> accept credit cards
> 24hour technical support

You did read it right, all this will only cost you $6.25. There are no monthly fees or any other costs. You are probably wondering how WebHosting.com can offer all this for the very low price of only $6.25, the answer is that WebHosting.com will make a lot of revenue from extra webspace charges - people wishing to have more than 500mb can pay $10 per 10mb per month.

If you would like to receive this excellent offer all you have to do is send your details to the following email address and your username and password will be emailed to you within 5 business days. Then you will be able to login at the members area of WebHosting.com and configure your account (add domains, setup scripts etc.).

Please send all of the following details:

Your Full Name
Your Full Address
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address
Your Credit Card Number
Your Credit Card Expiry Date
Your Credit Card Type (eg. visa, mastercard etc.)

Send all of the above to webhost@techie.com

Thank you and I hope you enjoy this very special offer

John Simmons
Head of Special Promotions, Webhosting.com

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