My comments are based more on usability than accessibility and I am
specifically targeting the homepage - I fail to
grasp how a part of a site which is the gospel on web accessibility is link
happy, has no linear structure of navigation and offers any consumer of the
page too many options.


The single column structure is far more digestible but it still has to be
selected from a less accessible page or even opted through an image which to
me made no sense until I read the source code. The top right links offer
more choice but have no heading defining whether they are local or site wide
links. I also feel that the site should be WAI-AAA to assist advocating the
initiative. is much more like it. I do understand the
W3 has an enormous amount of information to offer and it has to be
accessible to as many people as possible but am I the only one who finds
navigating the entire W3 site awkward? I guess the dangers of usability are
the fact it's a personal judgement and not everyone will be happy.





Edward Clarke.

IT Consultant,

Hastings, Sussex. <> 


Received on Tuesday, 12 April 2005 18:01:42 UTC