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> Lastly (and I appreciate this has been something of an epic posting) - 
> the
> W3C does *not* provide comprehensive links to all the material you 
> need in
> the UK. The only link that still remains in the "resources" section is
> broken and all the rest say "formerly at...". whilst this is an 
> improvement
> from a host of broken links, it is still highly unsatisfactory - there 
> is
> not even a link to the Code of Practice. As I have mentioned in 
> postings to
> the group before, I have offered to update the links on several 
> occasions
> but have never even received an acknowledgement of my offer of help. 
> It was
> because of this frustration that I set up my own site at
> http://www.web-access.org.uk.
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