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On Sat, 11 Oct 2003, Tom Croucher wrote:

>Hi Jens,
>I know that WAI is actually underway with a site redesign so I am sure your
>thoughts will be taken into consideration there, but I would like to add a
>couple of points to yours. I would really like to see the use cases that
>were prepared (by me so maybe I am baised ;) ) by the techniques task force
>used on the WAI web site, and perhaps other use cases made for AU, EO, etc
>where they are needed. When I someone who uses the site reguarly finds
>myself stuck for a link to the WCAG 1.0 guidlines something is wrong.
>My two pence,
>On Sat, 11 Oct 2003 15:51:45 +0200 (MEST), Jens Meiert
><> wrote:
>> Hi *,
>> the following part is not supposed to be an allegation, but only a
>> factual
>> remark -- when I just visited the WAI Web site (I often look at the
>> source
>> code first when visiting a site; sort of developer syndrome, I guess),
>> some more
>> or less important issues striked me, most of them related to
>> Accessibility,
>> as a matter of course.
>> So I e.g. wondered why the WAI doesn't use Accesskeys on its site, nor is
>> it
>> fulfilling the own goals in relation to table use (the tables don't
>> comply
>> with real data tables, and they don't use any <caption />, either, as
>> discussed in about 1,000 mails before). The WAI also passes on
>> alternative styles
>> (e.g. for aural use) and it also uses color schemes where I don't know if
>> they
>> are that perfect (because of the minor contrast).
>> There are of course several other topics related to this WAI figurehead,
>> but
>> I'm too lazy to list them all, so I only decided to put an additional
>> Bobby
>> analysis link in here:
>> URL=
>> -- By the way, although the WAI Web site might be a quite simple site, it
>> also brings up some Usability problems by not really communicating what
>> it's
>> even about, and breaking standards by e.g. linking the WAI logo to the
>> WAI Web
>> site (although you're already there; it's recommended not to link to the
>> start page if you're quite there) or putting the navigation to the right
>> side.
>> And 'switch column layout' is just an unnecessary and confusing gimmick.
>> Only some thoughts to lead the Web to its full potential ;) And
>> seriously: I
>> think the WAI WG should set a good example, and it should be in our own
>> interest to show how it's done best.
>> All the best,
>> Jens.

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