Training Materials Part 1 -- Developing Web Accessibility Presentations and Training: Overview:

EOWG Editors:

Here is the first of the two parts I have to send today. I'll go 
through the other two pages as quickly as I can.

Andrew, please don't spend time commenting on these comments. All are 
editor's discretion.


Part 11. Developing Web Accessibility Presentations and Training: Overview:
[Editor's draft in progress - updated 11 August 2010]

1.1. "to help their audience/students understand
more about web accessibility."

JS:  I wonder whether "more about" should be deleted. 
Audience/students may not know anything at all.

1.2. "to updated statistics"

JS:  Is the word "updated" needed?  It makes it sound like stats are 
old in other places on the site.  Even if it's true, perhaps it's not 
a good idea to emphasize it.

1.3. Maybe there should be a transitional phrase introducing the 
three additional pages, something like:

"The training suite includes this page along with suggested 
"Accessibility Topics," "Presentation Outlines," and a "Workshop outline."

Maybe it isn't necessary to make these three references into links 
since the links come next. And maybe what I've proposed here can be 

1.4. Speaking generally, and I won't comment on this again in my 
comments on the whole set of training pages, I often see the use of 
"an example," but I wonder if "a sample" might be better at times. 
Maybe I am being Americentric.

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