Feedback to Share Web Experiences Document


Feedback to this document is as follows:

1.It is clear what information is in each document and where to get
other related information. I particularly like the choice of a topic or
tabular format based document.
2. On the whole detailed information is clear yet succinct. My comments
on the sections follow the '*':

- Interaction and navigation requires mouse  - Disabilities context
* Here I would add that someone using access technology such as a screen
reader or screen magnification at higher levels of magnification will
also not be a mouse user. This issue does not just impact on people with
motor disabilities.

* I am not sure "rocker switch" is the correct term.  I would include
the term "navigation buttons" or joystick.  Also some browsers use a
mouse pointer which you move around the page freely with the navigation
information.  This can cause issues for screen reader users as the user
is "floating" around the page without going through it in a structured

- Focus (Tab) order does not match logical document content sequence -
Disabilities context
* Tab order is key for all keyboard users. Again this is not just those
with a motor disability, but also someone using access technology such
as a screen reader or screen magnification at higher levels of

- Link text is not descriptive - Disabilities context
* User cannot determine the purpose or content contained within the link
- 'for example a screen reader user gets a 'links list'

3. Additions to examples or the 'experiences' section

- Content formatted using tables or CSS... - Experiences
* Content is garbled and rendered meaningless

- Long page title, with generic information first... - Experiences
* Title should be short and unique with most important information
first, in order that the user can jump to the link they want. Multiple
links starting with the same word are not helpful to screen reader users
making use of 'links lists'. User may not understand what the link is.

- Focus (tab) order does not match logical document content sequence -
* Focus is key if you are using magnification at high levels as user
will use the keyboard not the mouse. The magnification tracks the focus
and it is that section which is magnified. If the focus of the document
is not followed then the screen magnification user will be lost. If a
tab order is not logical then the page can be confusing for any keyboard
user and they may give up reading before they have completed it.

- Content blinks, moves, scrolls or auto-updates - Experiences
The user may not know that an auto update has occurred, so they will
miss information altogether.


Sally Cain
Digital Accessibility Development Officer
Royal National Institute of Blind People, UK
(Member of Protocol and Formats Working Group)


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