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Re: [XP] Quality is free...

From: Daši Ingólfsson <dadi@hugur.is>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 08:19:34 -0000
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From: Adrian Howard
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Subject: Re: [XP] Quality is free...

>After having this happen to me several years back (it didn't end 
>happily) I made it a personal rule to ensure that the customer should 
>have access to code quality/risk metrics right from the start of a 
>project. That way a project manager can't suddenly remove the 
>information, or start risky behaviour to meet deadlines, without the 
>customer being aware of the problem.

Out of curiosity, what sort of metrics do you use?

>One of the many advantages of XP is that having the customer directly 
>involved at all times means these sort of shenanigans can't take place.

Even though we use some of the XP practices, we are nowhere near an on-site
customer :-(

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