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refinery utilization rates, "Lel Bruce Peto" reports are still on the.. energypricing@lelpeto.com (Monday, 23 December)

"Lel Bruce Peto" say that some MTBE cargoes, needed to make RFG, may not make it in .. energypricing@lelpeto.com (Friday, 20 December)

The LS diesel is 1.75cts over the Dec. No. 2 contract Lel Bruce Peto updating... energypricing@lelpeto.com (Thursday, 19 December)

13.5-Psi unleaded has traded at 4.75cts, Lel B. Peto updating, and 4.9cts over the Dec. energypricing@lelpeto.com (Thursday, 19 December)

Trans-Alaska pipeline went down Lel B Peto updates again, Sunday afternoon when.. energypricing@lelpeto.com (Tuesday, 17 December)

31-cycle gasoline is active with several trades "Lel B. Peto" updating already.. energypricing@lelpeto.com (Tuesday, 17 December)

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