Fwd: UAAG 2.0 for text customization

As requested at the meeting of 26 September 2013, I have put all of the 
Text Customization changes into the documents.  The new items are marked 
[N<] at the start and [>N] at the end of the new item to make it easier 
to search for them.  The proposed items or phrases to be deleted are 
marked with [D<] at the start and [>D] at the end.  I hope that makes it 
more screenreader-friendly without too much visual and auditory clutter.

While putting in the text, I wanted to make note of my initial concerns:

1) I don't agree with putting all the IER for 1.4 together.  This is a 
departure from our usual style that I don't want to do it for one 
guideline. If the group agrees, I'll work on converting the examples to 
our usual format of IER per individual SC or small group of SCs. If most 
of you agree and on this email thread, I'll schedule time before the 
next meeting to do them.

2) The proposed stems (handles or titles for the SC) are not unique, 
when we had agreed a long time ago to have unique stems.  I will send a 
separate email with proposed stem changes.

3) Proposed 1.4.2 & 1.4.5 Configure text elements: The user can set all 
of the following characteristics of visually rendered text content for 
headings, main text, and other elements:

"other elements" is not a testable term. I had hoped that we could link 
to the term "important elements", but that definition is related to 
navigation.  I think we need to spell out what the specific elements are 
that can be customized, otherwise, the sC will be interpreted to provide 
element customization for every available element, which is too much for 
Level AA. I suggest that the important elements are: headings, main 
text, links, table headings, table data, and input elements. Are there 
any others that are so important that we need to specifically call them 

4)Proposed 1.4.4. Printing configured and reflowed text: The user can 
print blocks of text that is configured according to the success 
criteria of guideline 1.4 and/or reflowed according to success criteria 
1.8.x, including text that is zoomed. (Level AA)

I remember we spent months on this and finally decided we couldn't do 
it.  Does anyone remember more of the details on this?

Don't miss the new examples and changes to IER in 1.8 and the changes to 
the SC in 1.8.7 Reduce Horizontal Scrolling.


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Dear UAAG Working Group,

Thank you for continuing to work on covering users' needs to customize 
text in UAAG 2.0.

In follow up to your 11 April and 29 August meetings, I have further 
drafted suggestions for UAAG itself and for Implementing UAAG, which are 
attached. (The "internal notes" are for Working Group background, not 
intended for the final docs.) While these are based on research and 
knowledge of users' needs[1], they may be clunky in terms of user agent 
accessibility standards, which is not my area of expertise.

Please let me know how I can help provide perspectives on users' needs 
as you work through how to cover them within the parameters of UAAG.

Best Regards,

[1] Understanding Users' Needs to Customize Text Display 
When Text is Not Displayed Well <http://www.tader.info/baddisplay.html>,
Research on Text Customization <http://www.tader.info/research.html>

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