Fwd: What's left? Updated for 5 July

Jim and I updated the list this morning.  I am sending this to the list 
mostly so it is saved in a searchable location, but if anyone notices 
something that we have resolved, let me know.



1) 1.2.2 Action-725 - Write IER for "1.2.2 Repair Missing Structure"
[still open, needs proposal]
2) 2.1.9 appears to overlap with 2.3.5 [2.3.5 looks better]
3) Resolve questions: (on agenda for 21 June)
def of Structural element? [from whiteboard]
4) 2.5.3 and 2.5.7 needs more work  (also need Simon)
5) Media outstanding [needs proposals, Mark wants help]
2.11.7 Action-699 - Write definitions for "relative time units" related 
to 2.11.7 [Mark proposal]
2.11.11 Action-692 - Rewrite IER. [Example ok'd from survey of
https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/36791/20120113/results, but I can't find
an intent proposal]
8) 3.2 Action-644 - SC on Undo.  Proposal from Jan
- on agenda for 21 June
9) 4.1.2 Action 649, 651 Name Role State Value [on agenda 21 June]
10) Principle 5 Review updates Jeanne made to P5 organization during end
of F2F.
11) Finalize decisions of public comments from June 2011 and action items
taken at the meeting.  [Linked in the document at start of P5. I moved
them there so they would not be overlooked. ]
12) Action-704 - Partial conformance for mobile apps [needs discussion]
13) Action-648 - Propose a conformance applicability note re: platform
and device constraints (eg. lacking platform accessibility service,
monochrome screen)

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