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Hi there Bim, this is really just a problem of the browser not 
implementing the bindings in rationale way. Indeed, a modifier key would 
easy sort this out.



Simon Harper
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On 23/09/2010 19:04, Egan, Bim wrote:
> Sorry to butt in here, but it concerns me that as accesskey bindings
> frequently conflict with keyboard access to browser  toolbars or
> plug-ins, and can also change settings in access technology that runs in
> the background while being sensitive to all keystrokes, such as screen
> readers, defined accesskeys could result in all HTML5 pages using them
> being inaccessible to people  who navigate via keyboard or use access
> tech software, instead of the current situation where it is difficult
> only on some sites using code that conforms to specification.
> Bim
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> I seems to me that HTML5 is becoming increasingly platform like. In this
> case I suggest that HTML5 specify a number of predefined accesskeys for
> common functionality including those useful for WebApps.
> Cheers
> Si.
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