Successful CSUN Presentation


I wanted to let everyone know that Jim, Jeanne and myself had the privilege of presenting the group's work at the CSUN conference last Thursday.  We spoke to a room of perhaps 15-20 people and also made many other contacts and intros about our work during the conference.

We may have been doing the speaking but it has really been the work of the group that made the presentation possible and from the feedback I heard a success.  I want to thank Jim and Jeanne for presenting and everyone for the efforts that helped create the content we were able to present.  Thanks too for Greg for attending CSUN.

The basic outline of our presentation was as follows:

Jim - giving audience grabber and talking about how much code authors have to write because browsers do not fire tooltips on keyboard focus.
Kelly - introducing group and our presentation with brief audience Q&A.
Jeanne - W3C overview, WAI overview, where UAAG fits in relationship to WAI work.
Jim - UAAG Principles
Jeanne -  Various UAAG levels and how our success criteria fit into different categories.
Kelly - What UAAG means to people with disabilities.
All - Multiple demos as listed:

Low Vision - Jeanne (Text configuration, zoom, scaling and position of video, and scaling video captions. Demo of YouTube video - Doug W3C)

Speech Input - Jim (content focus, highlighting selection, structural navigation, enabled elements, numbered links. Demo of mouseless browsing ) Cognitive - Jeanne (alternative views, avoiding mistakes, preference settings and wizards to configure them. Demo of Readability bookmarklet.

Deaf/HH - Jim (volume configuration, showing alternative content stack.

Demo of Youtube video with alternate stacks.

Blind - Kelly (programmatic access explanation, relationship info, repair of alternative text. Demo of the inspect tool.

Keyboard / Dexterity (operation, precedence, traps, commands, caret browsing. Demo of Opera's Navigate by headings

Kelly - UAAG Implementation Document

Kelly - Close presentation with call to action



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