Techniques for 3.8.1-3 and 3.9.1-2


Per discussion at the face to face, here are my contributions for techniques.  Note 3.8.1, 3.8.2 and 3.8.3 have been combined into a single technique.  Similarly, 9.1 and 9.2 have been combined.

3.8.1-3 override of speech characteristics

The objective of these success criteria is to allow the user to customize the specified speech characteristics to settings that aare appropriate to the way the user needs to consume the audio information.  Users may need to increase the volume to a level within their range of perception for example.  Users may also wish to increase the rate of synthesized speech because they can understand it at a faster rate than defaults of the user agent.

A telephone based web browser starts reading back a web page.  The user can press a key to increase the rate at which the information is read back.  Similarly, the user may be using this telephone browser inaa noisy environment such as a crowded subway.  With a key press the user can quickly increase the volume of the speech being heard.

3.8.4 speech features
The synthetic speech presentation of text can be difficult to understand at times.  Success criteria here are aimed at giving the user the ability to adjust the way in which the speech synthesizer presents text to improve understandability.

The speech synthesizer incorrectly pronounces the last name of a user.  A dictionary allows the user to enter a spelling of the name that produces the correct pronunciation from the synthetic speech.
A speech synthesizer is repeating a phone number.  The user wishes to easily copy this number so switches to a mode where each digit is spoken as a unique word e.g. five, five, five and so on.

3.9.1-2 stylesheets

CSS stylesheets allow for extensive customization of the rendering of web content.  Such customization is frequently used to make web content accessible to a wide range of user needs.  These success criteria ensure that users of web browsers can fully take advantage of the stylesheets offered by web authors or that the users have created.
A user finds yellow  text on a black background easiest to read.  When a web site is loaded, the user agent alerts the user that the web author has created several stylesheets for the web site.  The user selects a stylesheet named yellow on black from a menu in the user agent listing all available stylesheets.  The web content is then rendered using this stylesheet.
On a shared computer a web site is rendered with black text on a white background that is normally in full color.  The user agent notifies the user that a user-defined stylesheet has been applied to the web page and the user easily disables this stylesheet.  The web site is now rendered in full color.

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