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From: Patrick H. Lauke <patrickl@opera.com>
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2010 15:49:51 +0000
Message-ID: <4B6AEC9F.2010706@opera.com>
To: UAWG list <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
(Not sure if this is how we propose/discuss these sorts of things. Is it 
ok in email, or do I need to set up a voting thing - and if so, how?)

Review 3.1 with a proposal for clean-up due in 2 weeks


Apologies for having this so close to the conference call itself, but 
here's my proposed text. It ended up quite verbose, so may require a 
further sharp edit, but I hope this covers what we discussed (big 
changes marked with asterisks, and comments with @ signs):

Guideline 3.1 Provide access to alternative content.

3.1.1 *** Discoverability *** of Alternative Content: Provide a global 
option for the user to *** receive visual or auditory cues in the 
presence of *** alternatives to rendered content (e.g. *** visual icons 
rendered in proximity of content which has *** short text alternatives, 
long descriptions, captions, *** and a mechanism for the user to access 
this alternative content ***).

3.1.2 Configurable Default Rendering: Provide the user with the global 
option to set which type of alternative to render by default *** and, in 
cases where the alternative content has different dimensions than the 
original content, how the layout/reflow of the document should be 
handled. *** (Level A)

3.1.3 Browse and Render: The user can browse the alternatives and render 
them according to the following (Level A):

(a) synchronized alternatives for time-based media (e.g., captions, 
audio descriptions, sign language) can be rendered at the same time as 
their associated audio tracks and visual tracks, and
(b) non-synchronized alternatives (e.g., short text alternatives, long 
descriptions) can be rendered as replacements for the original rendered 
content. If the new item has different dimensions, then a user option 
controls whether the dimensions of the original content are used 
***(including an indication of, and accessible scrolling or expansion 
mechanism for, alternative content in cases where the alternatives 
exceed these original dimensions) *** or the dimensions of the new 
content, which will cause the document to reflow accordingly.

3.1.4 Available Programmatically: If an alternative *** is contained in 
the current document (e.g., a short text alternative, not requiring an 
additional server request) ***, then it is available programmatically, 
even when not rendered. (Level A) @@@ this may need further rewording, 
but I think it's more in line with what we mean? not just limited to 
plain text? @@@

3.1.5 Rendering Alternative (Enhanced): Provide the user with the global 
option to configure a cascade of types of alternatives to render by 
default, in case a preferred type is unavailable. (Level AA) @@@ does 
this need repeating the "if different dimensions" bit? it should already 
be covered by Level A requirements above @@@

Patrick H. Lauke

Web Evangelist
Developer Relations Team
Opera - http://www.opera.com
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