3.1.3 Browse and Render (alternative content)


    "3.1.3 Browse and Render: The user can browse the alternatives,
    switch between them, and render them according to the following
    (Level A)"

Proposed rewrite:

    "3.1.3 Choose and Render Alternative Content: The user can determine
    which forms of alternative content that are available for an
    element, select between them, and have them rendered according to
    the following...".

This addresses four concerns:

    * The wording of 3.1.3 does not make it clear whether it's talking
      about a global option (e.g. replace all images with their alt
      text) or a per-element command (e.g. replace the selected image
      with its alt text). Because 3.1.2 already requires the former,
      3.1.3 must be requiring the latter, but its wording does not make
      this clear if read on its own.
    * The phrase "the alternatives" is pretty vague, so "available
      alternative content" would be more specific.
    * The word "browse" in the title and text might be a bit ambiguous
      because readers may associate it with browsing to Web pages.
    * The title "Browse and Render" is very vague when taken out of
      context, so I suggested adding the word "Alternative Content" as
      with 3.1.1.


Received on Thursday, 8 April 2010 00:59:53 UTC