Toggle Metadata visibility

>From HTML-A11Y call: there was a discussion about toggling the visibility of
@summary in UA [1]

Should add 'summary' to examples in 3.1.1

3.1.1 Notification of Alternative Content: Provide a global option for the
user to be notified of alternatives to rendered content (e.g., short text
alternatives, long descriptions, captions).

3.1.2 Configurable Default Rendering: Provide the user with the global
option to set which type of alternative to render by default. If the
alternative content has a different height and/or width, then the user agent
will reflow the viewport. (Level A)

Also, the concept of "the UA should have a mechanism to allow the user to
reveal human usable metadata (alt, summary, titles, etc.). At one time we
had discussed having the content and alternatives displayed simultaneously. 

<old> 3.2.4 Simultaneous Rendering: The user has the option to
render any and all items from the alternative content stack (which will
cause the document to reflow accordingly) unless the user agent can
recognize a mutual exclusion (e.g. conflicting soundtracks).[2]</old>

3.2.4 was later removed, because I/we could not come up with a use case [3].
However, @summary and other 'human metadata' present a good case for
reviving this success criteria. The @summary is intended to provide
additional information to aid in the comprehension of the TABLE, not as a
replacement of the TABLE. 
Note: due to editing of the draft these items would now appear under
Guideline 3.1...which is still pretty rough.


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