Re: Reminder of Action items for UAWG Meeting this week

Hi there, can we add the user agent discussion email I send about a  
month ago. Without it I find it hard to finish some of my actions.



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On 17 Nov 2009, at 16:10, Jeanne Spellman wrote:

> Below is the list of the Action Items due this week.  Please send  
> any drafts to the list before Wednesday at 10:00 am so I can  
> include it in this week's survey.
> We are really on a roll since the Face to Face, so let's keep that  
> momentum going!
> Thanks!
> jeanne
> ACTION-224 Recast Guideline 5.2 to be more generic (spell check,  
> etc.) Greg Lowney 	2009-11-12 	
> ACTION-222 Back 4.6 and address the questions and comments of the  
> survey results 	 
> Simon Harper 2009-11-12 	
> ACTION-162 review the definition of element as it relates to HTML  
> vs. FLash (was: at breaking up \"element\", \"element type\") 	 
> Jeanne Spellman 	2009-11-12 	
> ACTION-238 Revise guidelines 4.9.6 to reflect that multimedia  
> playback should represent the full spectrum of playback,  
> synchronisation, and audio characteristics 	Markku Hakkinen 	 
> 2009-11-12 	
> ACTION-243 Follow up on the spec tool demonstrated at TPAC  
> lightning talks by November 12 	Jeanne Spellman 	2009-11-13 	
> ACTION-242 Review wcag 2.0 for instances of a mechanism is  
> available for places that UAAG needs to address. 	Kelly Ford 	 
> 2009-11-13 	
> ACTION-194 Work GL and JS to write a definition of Keyboard Command  
> Greg Lowney 	2009-11-19 	
> ACTION-51  Draft a guideline for Principle 5 understanding that  
> covers the points in Issue-19 	Jeanne Spellman 	2009-11-19 	

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