Reminder of Action items for UAWG Meeting this week

Below is the list of the Action Items due this week.  Please send any 
drafts to the list before Wednesday at 10:00 am so I can include it in 
this week's survey.

We are really on a roll since the Face to Face, so let's keep that 
momentum going!



ACTION-224 Recast Guideline 5.2 to be more generic (spell check, etc.) 
Greg Lowney 	2009-11-12 	
ACTION-222 Back 4.6 and address the questions and comments of the survey 
results 	Simon Harper 
ACTION-162 review the definition of element as it relates to HTML vs. 
FLash (was: at breaking up \"element\", \"element type\") 	Jeanne 
Spellman 	2009-11-12 	
ACTION-238 Revise guidelines 4.9.6 to reflect that multimedia playback 
should represent the full spectrum of playback, synchronisation, and 
audio characteristics 	Markku Hakkinen 	2009-11-12 	
ACTION-243 Follow up on the spec tool demonstrated at TPAC lightning 
talks by November 12 	Jeanne Spellman 	2009-11-13 	
ACTION-242 Review wcag 2.0 for instances of a mechanism is available for 
places that UAAG needs to address. 	Kelly Ford 	2009-11-13 	
ACTION-194 Work GL and JS to write a definition of Keyboard Command 
Greg Lowney 	2009-11-19 	
ACTION-51  Draft a guideline for Principle 5 understanding that covers 
the points in Issue-19 	Jeanne Spellman 	2009-11-19 	

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