HTML5 Rendering Margins and Padding

HTML section: 11.2.3 Margins and padding
issue: If the user wishes to increase the size of text in an iframe or 
other container element, the text may overflow the container. When text 
overflows the size of a box and the attribute value is set so that the 
overflow value is "hidden", the overflow text may not be passed to the 
Assistive Technology and the user may not be able to see the text that 
does not fit in the container.

proposal for change: Add after chart (Attribute value/'overflow' value)
When the user has increased the text size of the document, the 
'overflow' value should always be set to 'scroll'.

UAWG related issue/concern: We have addressed this for graphics:
3.10.5 Scrollbars: Graphical viewports include scrollbars if the 
rendered content (including after user preferences have been applied) 
extends beyond the viewport dimensions, overriding any values specified 
by the author. (Level A)
I propose adding a new SC in 3.6 Provide text configuration.
proposal: 3.5.x  Container overflow options. When text resized by the 
user overflows the containing element the user has the option to either:
(a) expand the size of the containing element to display the text or
(b) to override any author setting preventing scrollbars in order to 
display all of the text

Received on Wednesday, 19 August 2009 17:43:47 UTC