Action: Update 4.1.8


Here's my proposed wording from 4.1.8.  Please see and for reference.

4.1.8 Direct keyboard commands in the form of single key access with or without modifiers are provided to use primary user agent functionality for the following classes of operations where the user agent offers such functionality and the operating environment supports appropriate keybord access:

(a) navigation related functions (e.g., back/forward within the user navigation history for the current browsing session, enter a URI for a new resource, stop/refresh the loading of a resource, etc.) (b) display-related functions (e.g., increase/decrease text size, volume, etc.) (c) content related functions (move focus to next/previous enabled element in document order, activate the content item with focus, scroll the viewed content by a measure appropriate to the viewport, etc.) (d) information related functions (add a URI to favorites, view lists of user saved information e.g. favorites, etc.)

Note, insert existing definition of operating environment.

Received on Thursday, 28 August 2008 16:23:42 UTC