Final Proposed Re-Wording for Access Module - Section 3.1.1.

as amended by the XHTML2 WG on 2008/05/14

and the UAWG on 2008/05/15

Note: There is no change in this wording since the XHTML2 WG agreed to
it on 14 May 2008.


3.1.1. activate = ( yes | no* ) 

The activate attribute indicates whether a target element should be 
activated or not once it obtains focus. The default value for this 
attribute is "no", indicating that the element will not be 
"activated". User agents MUST provide mechanisms for overriding the 
author setting with user-specified settings in order to ensure that 
the act of moving content focus does not cause the user agent to 
take any further action (UAAG 1.0, Checkpoint 9.5). [1]

User agents MUST provide keyboard mechanisms for "activating" any 
event associated with the focused element (UAAG 1.0, Checkpoint 1.2) 
[2] and SHOULD make available the list of events associated with the 
element (UAAG 1.0, Checkpoint 9.6). [3]


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