Final Proposed Re-Wording for Access Module - Section 3.1

as amended by the XHTML2 WG on 2008/05/14

and the UAWG on 2008/05/15

Note: There is no change in this wording since the XHTML2 WG agreed to
it, as modified, on 14 May 2008.


3.1. The access element 

The access element assigns an accessibility mapping to elements within 
a document. Actuating the mapping results in the element gaining focus 
(either the document focus or an inspection focus, as determined by the 
user agent), and, if set by the author and permitted by the user's 
settings, in one or more other events being activated. 

An access element must have either a targetrole or a targetid attribute 
specified. If neither a targetrole nor a targetid attribute are 
specified, the user agent MUST NOT define a mapping nor deliver any 

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