Re: [XHTML Access] proposed re-wording on UAWG wiki

Hi Gregory,

Thanks for doing this. Some thoughts:

1. In I'm 
wondering about what "optionally, in some other event being delivered" 
could be taken to mean...

...maybe the wording should be more precise. Your example of 
highlighting is more a UI implementation than an "other event that is 

2. In I 
think the word "override" in the third sentence was really important. 
Let's tersify.

3. In I 
want to tersify some more and some of the information seems like it 
belongs in the Activate heading.


Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:
> aloha, all!
> first, apologies for not meeting my self-imposed 24 hour deadline to
> present this material for UAWG review...
> second, i decided that the "best" and most expeditious way to review
> the proposed rewording for the Access Module draft was to use the 
> UA WG wiki, so that WG members could review each section and its 
> proposed amendments in context, and to ensure that the WG has the 
> best opportunity to comment upon the proposed rewording by reference 
> to a centralized source...
> the pertinent URIs for the Access Module re-wording proposals are 
> linked one-to-another, beginning with an introduction to the problems 
> we are seeking to rectify, as well as including pointers to previous 
> discussions on each topic, but for the record here are the URIs of 
> each wiki article, listed in the order in which they should be 
> reviewed:
> 1.
> 2.
> 3.
> 4.
> NOTE that since MoinMoin does not handle actual HTML/XHTML correctly, 
> the proposed additional text, which i attempted to mark 
> programmatically using the INS element, is explicitly marked by an 
> opening and closing INS tag.
> i hope that this series of wiki articles provides a solid foundation
> upon which to coalesce the best possible wording -- what kept me from 
> getting this material out sooner is a cluster headache, which is not 
> very conducive to any attempts at coherence, conciseness or clarity, 
> so any and all comments -- from the smallest grammatical nits to 
> proposals for how to better integrate the additional text into the 
> Access Module's extant text will be GREATLY appreciated...
> thank you for your patience and attention to detail,
> gregory.
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