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christophe -- thanks for your usual quick, concrete and precise response;

lisa - i agree this is something that should be discussed somewhere -- if 
the purpose of web 2.0 applications and widgets is to mimic/mirror the 
look/sound/feel of the "desktop experience" it would be at the very 
least, a best practice to use the user preferences defined in 
Section/Chapter 18 of CSS2/CSS 2.1

chaals - i am DELIGHTED to hear that there is actually support for CSS2x
user preferences -- so, if anything, when commenting on the CSS21 draft, 
we should highlight the advantages of supporting user preferences to 
accessibility uses for user preferences (bang important goes to user,
user doesn't have to set color contrasts and preferences on an 
application by application basis, as in the all-too-familiar scenario
described by lisa, etc.)...

patrick - thank you for the information on the succeeding CSS3 module -- 
as the CSS 2.1 CR draft clearly states:

<quote source="">
Note. The System Colors are deprecated in the CSS3 Color Module

thanks, too, for giving me the mental nudge i needed to locate my CSS3 
modules issues list (which still needs some dusting off), as well as 
making the fruits of your research and labor available to all...

could we enlist the support of those developing screen magnification
and screen tracking software in assisting us -- or, at least backing 
our request -- to the Style activity that the concepts and constructs 
outlined in

aren't lost in a sea of dependencies?  lisa, do you think that the User 
Interface for CSS3, defined at:

might be the best means of styling ARIA, or is it best to stick with 
CSS2, which has actual implementations?  note that the user interface 
module is referenced from the CSS3-colors module, located at:

which is the CSS3 module cited in the quote from the CSS 2.1 draft 

are either of these modules implemented, or is CSS2/CSS2.1 Section 18 the
model/syntax/structure to be followed?  what is the opinion of anyone 
involved with screen magnification slash screen tracking/isolating 

thank you all for such useful information,
It is better to ask some of the questions than to know 
all the answers.                      -- James Thurber
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