Re: CSS User Preferences for Colors Support Query

On Tue, 11 Dec 2007 20:17:44 +0100, Lisa Pappas <>  

> Hi, Gregory,
> I am not aware of ANY user agents that support User preference for  
> colors as defined in CSS2. And I agree that it is one of the most sane  
> and logical approaches. I worked with a legally blind customer who, on  
> Windows 98, literally had 7 different OS themes, each tailored to how a  
> single application happened to inherit or interpret the element  
> settings. This also meant that he couldn't run some of the apps at the  
> same time, because key areas weren't visible in one theme or another.

You can set basic colours in Opera pretty easily in the preferences  
dialogues. (OK Gregory, you can't until you ahve a working screen reader  
build, but they are coming)

You can set a user style sheet, too, under Preferences -> Advanced ->  
Content -> Style Options, which is nice. But in most cases you want to  
change a few things, so you need to set one per site:

Preferences -> Advanced -> Content -> Manage Site Preferences. Add the  
site in question, then select the display tab for adding your style sheet  
to only apply to that site, so you can look at how it uses the colours and  
classes and whatever it is that you need to change. to get an interface for easily sharing those setups - or should we  
finish the screen reader work first, or concentrate on ARIA, or fix some  
broken websites with shiny new beta applications, or...

> This makes me wonder....Where should W3C prescribe which system color(s)  
> an ARIA element inherited? An element with wai-role=button has  
> background color from ButtonFace and its text from ButtonColor.

Well, that is a smart way to implement. W3C describes access to those  
colours - and you can use them in browsers now. Developers just need to  
learn that trick.



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