Guideline 5 gaps

As per one of my action items from Oct. 25 

5.1.1 Allow configuration so that if a viewport opens
without explicit user request, neither its content
focus nor its user interface focus automatically
becomes the current focus.
- This seems to be a contradiction of 5.3. 5.1 says
configure so IF a view port opens, while 5.3 says
configure so view ports ONLY open on explicit request.
 5.1 should be a subpoint of 5.3 or a technique. 
- propose to deprecate this CP and add relevant points
to 5.

5.2.1 For graphical user interfaces, allow
configuration so that the viewport with the current
focus remains "on top" of all other viewports with
which it overlaps.
-seems irrelevant. this is current behavior in Window
and OSX. Is the window with focus staying on top the
default behavior in X-Windows? Authors for a short
time created 'pop under' windows; though they were
more of an annoyance. There are other applications
(i.e. Taskmanager in Windows) that can be configured
to always remain on top, but content focus is not
- Propose deprecate

5.3.1 Allow configuration so that viewports only open
on explicit user request.
5.3.2 When configured per provision one of this
checkpoint, instead of opening a viewport
automatically, alert the user and allow the user to
open it with an explicit request (e.g., by confirming
a prompt or following a link generated by the user 
5.3.3 Allow the user to close viewports.
- no change 
- Do we need to say that the new viewport should
receive focus? it does currently.

5.4.1 Ensure that when a viewport's selection or
content focus changes, it is at least partially in the
viewport after the change.
- no change

5.5.1 Allow configuration to prompt the user to
confirm (or cancel) any form submission.
- no change

Proposal new checkpoint
5.x configure opening of viewports with full user
interface or author specified user interface. 
- fixes opening windows with no scroll bars, etc.
- with full interface, user will have visual and
keyboard tools to close the viewport. 
- we should then remove CP 5.3.3 

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