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Guideline 2 User Access To Content Wiki Comments

From: Kelly Ford <kford@windows.microsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 09:31:45 -0700
To: WAU-ua <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
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Before making edits to the wiki I wanted to toss a few items out to the list for comment/question.

1. References to WCAG 1.0 - At what point should references to WCAG 1.0 be changed to 2.0?

2. View of text source - Guideline 2.2 says in part:

2.2 Provide text view (P1)
1. For content  authored in text formats, provide a
View  of the text source.

In any update I guess I'm not sure if we'd use the priority numbers or something more like what WCAG 2.0 has but in whatever method is used, do we think this item should be lowered in priority?  I'm not sure trolling through the text source of a page really helps that many folks from various accessibility populations at this point, at least not to make this a top level priority item.  Many user agents are going to do this for development purposes already and those that don't likely have other reasons that would make this impractical from a user perspective.  For example do users want to troll through page source on a mobile phone?

3. Conditional content - Guideline 2.3 talks about conditional content.  The traditional way this seems to be thought about is content that displayed when the first option can not be displayed for some reason e.g. alt on a graphic.  Do we want to expand the definition of conditional content at all?

This is a bit abstract but I'm thinking here of text for example that only gets displayed based on a certain user action.  One of the classics is text shown on mouse hover.  I recognize that WCAG requirements and other parts of UAG try to address that this shouldn't happen in the first place so maybe this is just too abstract.  But in thinking about some of the hoops AT vendors jump through today to try and provide access to this text I wonder if there's more we could ask of the user agent.

4. Time-independent interaction - The 2.0 issue called out here dealt with AJAX and server timeout.  Do we think the user agent should be doing more here or should this be left to the web content?  My thinking is the content.

5. Find/Search - Unless I'm missing it, this guideline presently doesn't talk about expected behavior of any user access to text with a user agent search facility.  I think we should be more explicit around expectations that conditional text needs to be available when using a user agent's search facilities.  My current thinking is that if the view is configured to show a given conditional content, then at minimum that content needs to be available for finding with the search mechanisms.

Again maybe I'm missing this or it is in another guideline.

6. Page updates - there's a lot of talk around the various issues related to partial page updates.  I don't have a final proposal about what I think should be the user agent requirement for this yet and would like to kick it around a bit more with folks.

In general I'd like to talk about these items in a meeting and will then update the wiki.


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