Re: UAWG Action Item: Proposal on 3.4 Toggle scripts

excellent work, jan!  you get a plus one from me...

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Subject: Re: UAWG Action Item: Proposal on 3.4 Toggle scripts

> As I looked at how to fold in Gregory's comments, I'm wondering 
> if the checkpoint needs to be part of "Guideline 5. Ensure user 
> control of user interface behavior" where many of the 
> checkpoints already concern opening viewports.
> 5.X Provide user control of spawned windows
> 1. Allow configuration so that users must explicitly consent 
> before additional windows are spawned.
> 2. Allow configuration so that spawned windows are always fully 
> functional user agent windows (i.e. resizable, scrollable, 
> available to extensions, incorporating user display settings,
>  etc.) and ignore content requests to reduce window 
> functionality (e.g. fixed size, hidden scrollbars).
> Cheers,
> Jan
> PS: I've also done by other action item, to update the Wiki for 3.1.
> Jan wrote:
>  > Instead of turning off scripts to prevent authors from opening
>  > stripped-down browser windows, I suggest we create a new checkpoint
>  > (it might instead be a success criteria after we re-organize):
>  >
>  > X.Y Toggle user agent window formatting
>  >
>  > - Allow configuration not to allow user agent windows to be formatted
>  > in such a way that navigation or control by the user are limited
>  > (e.g., fixed size, no scrollbars, etc.).
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