Re: UAWG Action Item: Proposal on 3.4 Toggle scripts

As I looked at how to fold in Gregory's comments, I'm wondering if the 
checkpoint needs to be part of "Guideline 5. Ensure user control of user 
interface behavior" where many of the checkpoints already concern 
opening viewports.

5.X Provide user control of spawned windows

1. Allow configuration so that users must explicitly consent before 
additional windows are spawned.

2. Allow configuration so that spawned windows are always fully 
functional user agent windows (i.e. resizable, scrollable, available to 
extensions, incorporating user display settings, etc.) and ignore 
content requests to reduce window functionality (e.g. fixed size, hidden 


PS: I've also done by other action item, to update the Wiki for 3.1.

Jan wrote:

 > Instead of turning off scripts to prevent authors from opening
 > stripped-down browser windows, I suggest we create a new checkpoint
 > (it might instead be a success criteria after we re-organize):
 > X.Y Toggle user agent window formatting
 > - Allow configuration not to allow user agent windows to be formatted
 > in such a way that navigation or control by the user are limited
 > (e.g., fixed size, no scrollbars, etc.).

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