Re: W3C User Agent Teleconference for 3 November 2005

> An alternative would be to define, in format specifications, that 
> anything that has intereaction behaviour (an event listener, or a 
> default interactivity), should be focusable. As an example, the SVG 
> Tiny 1.2 specification has this notion, and I filed a last call 
> comment on the way they handle events which includes the notion that 
> things with event listeners should be focusable by default. As I am a 
> member of the SVG working group I expect a resolution - look for a 
> public comment from them at some point.

You can put a listener on a container element and the script might only 
care about events to a few targets within the container. Can't tell what 
the script is doing.

Allowing anything to be focusable also doesn't work, because when you 
click on something the browser needs to know what element in the 
ancestor chain to put focus on. It could be that a <span> shouldn't get 
focused, but it's <td> or <table> ancestor should. Impossible to know 
without allowing the author to somehow specify.

- Aaron

Received on Wednesday, 2 November 2005 17:49:53 UTC