Re: W3C User Agent Teleconference for 3 November 2005

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> W3C User Agent Teleconference for 3 November 2005

Regrets - I am at the SVG face to face meeting. (By the way, what's the  
scheduling algorithm for meetings - I have not been able to work it out :-(

> Agenda
> 1. Review and discuss UAAG checkpoint mapping to PFWG Roadmap Table 2.0  
> GAP Analysis
>  -
> 2. Update initial pass of UAAG/Roadmap mapping
>  -

The last line of that has

Provide focus to all active elements ... TABINDEX=-1 best practice ... All  
XHTML 2 elements shall be focusable.

An alternative would be to define, in format specifications, that anything  
that has intereaction behaviour (an event listener, or a default  
interactivity), should be focusable. As an example, the SVG Tiny 1.2  
specification has this notion, and I filed a last call comment on the way  
they handle events which includes the notion that things with event  
listeners should be focusable by default. As I am a member of the SVG  
working group I expect a resolution - look for a public comment from them  
at some point.

I haven't the time to check properly right now :-( but I am pretty sure  
this is actually covered by UAAG already.



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