Which list? Re: CSS 'width' Question

On Thu, 7 Oct 2004, Aaron Smith wrote:
>To be honest, I flipped a coin when deciding which W3 group to post to.
>Perhaps reading documentation might be a better avenue next time.

Please do that. (This is by no means some evil thing that Aaron has done and
nobody else ever did... me included :-(

Of the many messages I delete each day as spam, a large minority are
legitmate useful mail, but not relevant to the list it was sent to. (There is
a smaller inority of false positives I delete because people don't think
about the subject line if they are replying).

For the validators, they each have their own mailing list - they are tools
which try to provide accurate testing, and like all tools they have bugs from
time to time. Those bugs are not normally due to the spec (if they do
highlight something wrong with a spec, that should go to the right people...)



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