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re: reminder of goals/vision for site redesign project

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Thanks for your efforts Shawn.


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>If we are getting resistance on a more graphical design then maybe we
>need to educate whomever on the necessity of doing this.
>The last design submitted proves we can get the Wow-factor and do
>accessible design.
>The issue is not resistance to a graphical design, nor the ability to do
>WOW & accessible.
>The issue is coming up with a design that conveys the appropriate
>message, feel, etc. to our extremely diverse, international audience.
>(starting with ourselves... for example, at least two people had
>negative reactions to the last design)
>We might end up on the more conservative side for the design of the WAI
>site, and put efforts elsewhere into demonstrating WOW & accessible.
>Sorry I didn't communicate more effectively in our meeting last night
>the issue we're facing on this.
>~ Shawn


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