Re: [#832] Clear link text - priority and acceptability of supplement al text

is it not a barrier to use of the web if clear links are needed from a
cognative point of view?

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supplement al text

Clear link text means that the text that is visible on the page needs to be
clear - yes?
This would be a type V guidelines since it would specify how the page would
look in its default presentation.

Also - is this a crucial barrier to use of the web -- or just good design.

Since I don't see this as a bar to use of the web - it would fall in level 2
or 3.


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Subject: [#832] Clear link text - priority and acceptability of supplement
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The requirement to make clear link text is currently a Level 3 success
[1]. In my opinion this should be a level 1. In discussion with the
task force, we thought it might be a level 3 because of the possibility to
supplemental text to clarify the link (e.g., the "title" attribute in HTML).
for that to work, we need to know that the supplemental text will be
to the user when needed. But the UAAG [2] does not provide a single mandate
how this is to be accomplished, and further permits supplemental text to be
presented instead of the orginal text, not just alongside. We are unsure of
implications of this for the clear link text requirement and the use of the
"title" attribute to fulfill that requirement in HTML.

I propose that the requirement for clear link text be moved to level 1.
mechanisms for achieving that should be left to technology-specific
though it would be useful if the guidelines would comment on the role of
features like the "title" attribute in HTML for meeting this requirement.
may require coordination with the User Agent group.


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