RE: [#831] Structural emphasis evident really a user agent issue?

I like any removal of guidelines or success criteria where we can.

I think the idea here was that, given that most people can't figure out how
to change style sheets.  So styles should be such that they would show up
even if a display is set to low resolution.    This was not originally meant
to say (on low fidelity displays) though it has been edited into this.
Originally I believe, it was meant to make formatting obvious enough that
people with low vision could see it.  the low resolution test was just a
means for determining this.  

That said, we should look at whether this is A)important and B) effective

Because it is level 3 the importance doesn't need to be sky high.  But every
SC we add weakens the others so it should be important -- and of course


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While mapping HTML techniques to the guidelines, I tried to think what
I would create for the fifth Level 3 success criterion of 2.4 [1]. This
that structural markup be evident on low-fidelity displays. I could not
think of
any HTML techniques that could guarantee compliance with this requirement;
furthermore it seems that if you follow requirements to use structural
properly this issue should take care of itself. The user agent should make
structural markup evident, that's why we require it. 

So I think this is not a _content_ requirement and should be removed from
It is a user agent requirement, and the UA group should determine how to
it. I propose we remove this success criterion from WCAG.


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