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Minutes 10 June 2004 UAAG working group

From: Colin Koteles <koteles@illinoisalumni.org>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 11:41:17 -0700
To: <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
Message-ID: <9d2301c45308$58368bb0$0a02010a@mail2world.com>
Present: Jon Gunderson (JG), Matt May (MM), Colin Koteles (CK)

Regrets: Jim Allan, Cathy Laws

[Discussion of new test suite framework]
JG: Get new evaluation and test suites up to the level of the current
system, then move beyond current system.
JG: CK is reviewing current evaluations and test suites
JG: Working on password protecting different sub-directories of site,
can give separate passwords to reviewers. 

[UA Workshop video update]
JG: Video from WWW 2004 is being captioned. Will link from UUAG list
after captioned--make announcement to WAI list.
JG: This is good outreach material--re-orient people to the UA group.
Done by end of next week.

[Test Suite and Implementation Report Development]
JG: Review current evals and test...verification process.
CK: Have begun review process, identified some broken tests...
JG: (Discussion of separate suite of tests for common HTML extensions) 
JG: (Discussion of adding tests that test elements that are not part of
the HTML 4.01 spec)
MM: Don't have a problem including non-HTML tests (e.g.: marquee or
blink) -- but is test needed for confromance?
JG: Support marquee but don't allow stopping -- doesn't conform. Should
be an optional test because it's not part of HTML -- not needed for
legal claim of conformance. 
JG: If you support non-HTML element, must still make these accessible.
JG: Non-HTML tests should be re-added, but optional. 
JG: Re: checkpoint 1.3, can we point to an invalid URL and test whether
or not a text message is rendered.
MM: Not a problem.
JG: Gives concrete evidence of vague concepts. (Slow file download, need
plugin, disable plugins, URL does not exist) 
JG: Test suite should ennumerate things, but harder with checkpoints
like 8.1. Do we want to replicate tests that already do this? 
JG: 8.2 can just point to other test suites? But there's still not an
HTML 4.01 test suite. 
MM: Most likely will not be an HTML 4.01 test suite...there may be an
XHTML 1.0 test suite.
JG: Checkpoint 9.1 could have tests that move focus between frames and
multiple open windows.
CK: Might have some existing tests that overlap w/ 9.1.
JG: There is a bug in the test suite system with . There is a temp fix,
but that's still not quite working.

[draft of UAAG 1.0 intro page]
MM: This is a new layer between the TR page and WAI page.
JG: Add a section for purchasing agents and sys admins who want to add
accessible resources.
JG: Next telecon with Beijing in 2 weeks. Will meet with Beijing once a
month and meet for test suites once a month. 
JG: Any chance of adding new participants to WG? Maybe Apple people?
MM: Will finish Safari evaluation, then show to Apple...

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