minutes 8 April 2004 UAWG teleconference

minutes for 8 April 2004 UAWG telecon


JG: Jon Gunderson - Chair
MM: Matt May
CL: Cathy Laws 
DP: Dave Poehlman
CK: Colin Koteles - scribe

Jon is putting together Human Computer Interaction Conference program
(Las Vegas 2005).
-- Matt and Cathy will work on papers
-- Any other interested parties should contact Jon

Review of new evaluation tool for UAAG Implementation:

-- Entering specifications and test suite entry is working
-- Specifications page has guidelines, checkpoints, provisions
-- Four components: entering specs (checkpoints), test suites,
evaluation creation, and implementation reports
-- Homepage will have summary info
-- Administrative processes will be password protected
-- Advantages are when test is added, it will automatically be included
in eval 
-- Other WGs may be able to use system

New test suite page

-- Jon's student is developing tests for SMIL 2.0 (some are already in
-- Old HTML 4.0 test suite XML file will be able to be imported into new
-- Still need to be able to view source code (important for HTML and

JG: Asks input about required vs. non-required tests
DP: all should be required 
MM: should be useful
JG: more important for conformance claims than implementation report

-- Eventually admin features will be password protected
-- Have not worked out details of linking back to existing WAI/UAWG web
-- Public place for people to view results
-- Issue with malicious alteration of evaluations
-- Reports are collection of evaluations that can be organized into
different views 
-- Now working on evaluations

JG: System is hosted by UIUC (can w3c banner be on page)
MM: run by Janet Daley to see if this is OK
JG: [concerned about integrating with w3c/wai site]
MM: This is PHP? IF we want to use this as a system, we can just move
the whole thing over to w3c servers. But we can link to wherever we want
as this is a supporting document to UAAG. 
JG: No red flags linking this to or moving to w3c space?
MM: No.

JG: Hopefully can get evaluations going next week. Have some evals
students did last semester that can be added.
JG: Should have a development database and production database.

IE Extensions for lists and styling

-- Students working on extension to IE and Mozilla. Uses browser object
helper technology for extending and adding functions to IE. 
-- Lists of headers, links, map element link groups, accesskeys
-- Disable accesskeys
-- one map element: displays links, more than one map element -> title
of maps
-- Provides authors a mechanism to think more structurally 
-- Allow users to get to control panel to configure CSS 

Mozilla Extensions for lists and styling

JG: Another student is working on this. Will have similar features of IE
CL: I see no future plans relating to tables (listing, captions,
JG: Meeting with students to discuss this
JG: Proposing data table navigation via captions, and linearlizing data
DP: What order are links listed?
DP: Document order, alpha, duplicates removed.
DP: Can you separate visited and unvisited and links to different file
CL: Image links vs. text links?
CL: Does Mozilla version differentiate between no alt and empty alt?

JG: Mozilla version is JavaScript and IE version is C#.
JG: Easier to modify Mozilla version

CL: May want to know number of areas/links in an image map
CL: List of headers: conveying the hierarchy?
JG: Could provide a tree view of the headers.
DP: Can I have a choice of what to see in header structure view?
JG: Hard to do b/c headers are not containers.
[Discussion of headers as containers in XHTML 2.0]

CL: Lists of form controls and event handlers not developed yet?
JG: Will give missing label warnings.
CL: Can you address fieldset, legend, altgroup, forms in layout tables?

Update on UAAG tutorial at WWW2004 in NY on May 18th

JG: Will be doing a morning tutorial? Please promote this if you can. 
JG: Next meeting we will solicit feedback on issues we should address. 
JG: More people there may be involved in procurement than development.
JG: Will post our tutorial outline from CSUN.

JG: Next Thursday evening we will meet with Beijing SUN, 8PM Boston

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