DRAFT: Proposal for a user agent workshop on accessibility

I have drafted an overview of a W3C Workshop on User Agent Accessibility 
[1].   Please read and comment.

In addition to editorial and scope comments, other things that need 
attention are:

1. Workshop Chairs
2. Program Chairs
3. Program committee
4. W3C resources needed

I assume the current UA working group would be part of the Program 
Committee.  But I think we would like to find chairs that would represent 
not only W3C but companies, organizations and consumer groups involved with 
user agent accessibility.  If people have any ideas please send them to me 
or Matt.  This will be important to recruit participation in the workshop.

We have also talked about having the workshop held in conjunction with 
another working group.  Are their any other WAI groups interested in doing 
a joint workshop at that time on a related topic?


[1] http://www.w3.org/WAI/UA/WS1/

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