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Minutes from 6 feb telecon

From: Matt May <mcmay@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 14:31:43 -0800
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org
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                      Minutes from UAWG telecon, 6 Feb 2003


    jg Jon Gunderson
    mm Matt May
    cl Cathy Laws
    dp David Poehlman
    hb Harvey Bingham
    ja Jim Allan
    tl Tim Lacy


   Tech Plenary

    jg: Telephone participation at tech plenary. Good idea?
    ja: More input is always good
    tl: Can't make it.
    dp: Usually, it's much better to be there in person. Telecons add an
    extra level of complication. But if I had the choice, I'd rather
    participate by phone than not at all.
    jg: Should telecon participants register?
    mm: I think it's okay just to notify us, rather than registering. W3C
    uses reg info to plan resources.

   TP face-to-face meetings

    jg: Still don't have good implementation of longdesc, title across
    browsers; good to ask HTML WG what are the expectations.
    mm: I'd like to talk about XHTML 2. It'd be good to see what's in
    dp: Other uses for alt attribute, or other conditional content...
    jg: OBJECT is staying in XHTML 2.
    dp: IMG?
    mm: IMG is out of the current spec. OBJECT for showing images.
    dp: Is there an alt attribute?
    mm: OBJECT allows nesting of text or other content inside as
    conditional content.
    jg: We should look at the current draft and come up with issues prior
    to the meeting.
    jg: Is PF working on XHTML 2?
    mm: Coming soon. We may be able to coordinate.
    cl: Rich Schwerdtfeger is looking at XHTML 2, and is also on PF.
    jg: It'd be good to have concrete proposals on the table.
    jg: We want to make sure that if they're referencing behavior, they
    should refer to our document.
    jg: Thurs. AM we'll be meeting with QAWG. I have students working on
    test suites, and Jim Allan and Colin Koteles have expressed interest.
    Also have Sun Beijing.
    jg: We'd like to work with the Beijing team.
    jg: It'd be a good time to contact them about test suites, etc.
    ACTION mm: Figure out whether we can get Sun Beijing to join a part 
    the meeting via phone
    jg: Gottfried Zimmermann may come to discuss V2. Any synergies with
    mm: I could ask around.
    dp: Demos?
    jg: Haven't had anyone offer to show a demo.
    dp: Does the voice browser group have anything we can look at? I know
    there are some telephone-based items, but didn't know if there was
    anything for computers.
    jg: PF has been dealing with that. We haven't worked much with the VB
    dp: I would imagine voice browsing is going to enter into future UA
    jg: I hear they're deprecating the use of style on voice. The
    characteristics would be embedded.
    mm: VBWG has a document on accessibility requirements for VoiceXML 
    which reads a lot like UAAG. Should be looking at it.
    jg: Any companies who can join us?
    dp: SpeechWorks is one I know of.
    jg: Is this document published yet?
    mm: I don't think so, but I think they're planning to publish it
    before the TP.
    jg: Is this primarily for phone use?
    dp: Not exclusively.
    dp: Dave Pawson is working on VoiceXML.
    cl: There's some stuff at IBM on this that we'll be demoing at CSUN.
    cl: We'll be demoing something like 16 technologies at CSUN.
    ACTION cl: Check on possibility of IBM demo
    jg: eBook readers?
    hb: I haven't seen this generation of equipment.
    dp: Janina Sajka is going to be at the TP. She might help.

   Test suites

    jg: My students have been doing evaluations. Are there others
    interested in working on test suites?
    cl: Our groups have been evaluating them. I think we'd be interested.
    jg: We're working on completing the test suites on, for example, IE 
    Opera 7, Mozilla 1.2.
    jg: Matt, some of the tests report error messages on input controls.
    Does the W3C have restrictions on PUT commands?
    mm: Probably.
    jg: May need to point elsewhere.
    mm: We could probably get a PUT receptacle on cgi.w3.org. I'll ask
    systems team
    ACTION mm: Ask systeam about hosting a CGI that handles PUT
    jg: Anyone using EARL out there?
    mm: Many of the ER tool vendors are already or will soon output EARL.
    jg: Seems we should have automated output of EARL.
    mm: I've talked with Wendy about using this as a test harness with
    EARL hooks.
    jg: What do we get out of EARL? Not sure.
    jg: Ask Wendy if she can come to talk about EARL?
    ACTION mm: Ask Wendy to join us on Thurs. AM to talk about EARL
    jg: Next meeting 20 Feb
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