Re: Raw minutes from 1 November UAWG teleconference

Charles McCathieNevile wrote:
> I have a Mac with iCab (a macintosh-only browser with some cool acccess
> features) so would be interested in doing an evaluation. I would like to
> produce my output as EARL - is it possible to find someon who can write an
> XSLT conversion between the format Jon created and EARL?


Thanks for offering to do this. If your primary purpose
is to contribute to the UA implementation report, I would
suggest using Jon's format, and then we can translate to
EARL (with XSLT) when we have better integration with EARL.
We have tools in place already for generating implementation
reports. I think we would need reasonable motivation on the
advantages to us to switch to EARL tools. (I am certainly
personally open to switching, but Jon is the critical resource
here since he's the primary user/creator of the UA tools.)

If your primary purpose is to use EARL, then we have to
figure out what resources we could allocate to a transformation
(which is probably not difficult). I believe that Jon has been 
in contact with Sean about us using EARL, but we are not very 
far along in those discussions. 

 - Ian

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