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These additional events are not conditional on any user interface (although
reset/select/submit don't work if the user agent can't meet the requirement
to make all functionality available through the keyboard) so need not be
checked specifically.


On Fri, 12 Oct 2001, Harvey Bingham wrote:

  CP 1.2 On a web resource with know_n_ [What is to be known? to whom?]
  pointer based event handlers, test to see if the pointer based event
  handlers can be activated through the keyboard commands alone.
  CP 1.2 b6 onDBC_l_ick

  Also:     onreset   on FORM  These I found (all lower-case) in HTML4.01 DTDs
             onselect  on INPUT
             onsubmit  on FORM
             onload    on BODY
             onunload  on BODY

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