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minutes Telecon 17 November 1999

From: Jim Allan <allan_jm@tsb1.tsbvi.edu>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 12:47:22 -0600
To: Jon Gunderson <jongund@staff.uiuc.edu>, WAU-ua <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
Message-id: <002201bf312c$2f0d8340$3894bcc0@allanj>
WAI UA Telecon for November 17th, 1999
Jon Gunderson -jg
Jim Allan - ja
Harvey Bingham - hb
Dick Brown - db
Mickey Quenzer - mq
Dave Polman - dp
Gregory R - gr
Ian Jacobs - ij
Charles M-N - cmn start 12:30
Rich Schwerdfeger - rw

Kitch Barnicle
Mark Novack

Chair: Jon Gunderson
Date: Wednesday, November 17th
Time: 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time
Call-in: W3C Tobin Bridge (+1) 617-252-7000


Review Open Action Items

   1.IJ: Propose how the conformance checklist will be delivered  --pending
   2.IJ: If W3C Comm Team develops a statement related to NFB vs. AOL, keep
the UAGL WG informed.  --pending
   3.IJ: Review techniques for topic 3.2  --pending
   4.JG: Confirm 7 December telecon date with systems people
we have a bridge, may move depending on w3 staff availability
   5.JG: Review techniques for Guideline 2 --done
   6.JG: Review techniques for Guideline 8 --only to 8.1.1
   7.KB: Post information about Easy Access/Infrared technology to list as
a proposal for inclusion in the techniques document --done
   8.KB: Update impact matrix based on 5 November draft. --pending
   9.KB: Review techniques for Guideline 7 - pending
  10.RS: Send last call document to IBM's Web Team in Austin. --pending
  11.RS: Review techniques for Guideline 1 --pending
  12.JA: Review techniques for topic 3.1 --pending
  13.JA: Review techniques for Guideline 3 --done
  14.JA: Review techniques for Guideline 4 --pending
  15.MR: Review techniques for topic 3.1 (Multi-media)  --pending
  16.MR: Review techniques for Guideline 3 (Multi-media) --pending
  17.MR: Review techniques for Guideline 4 (Multi-media) --pending
  18.DB: Contact Dave Bolnick about SAMI access.  --pending
  19.DB: Review techniques for Guideline 5  --pending
  20.DB: Contact person in Windows media group to agree to review last call
draft when available  --pending
  21.CMN: Review techniques for Guideline 9  --pending
  22.CMN: Review techniques for topic 3.6  --pending
  23.MQ: Review techniques for Guideline 10 --done
  24.MQ: Find someone from WinAmp, SigTuna to agree to review last call
draft when available
     Status: still looking
  25.DP: Review techniques for Guideline 11 --done
  26.GR: Review techniques for Guideline 11 --done
  27.GR: Review techniques for topic 3.5 --done
  28.HB: Review techniques for topic 3.3 --done
  29.MN: Contact someone at United Cerebral Palsy to agree to review last
call draft when available
     Status: No response

**Action JG contact Dave Clark at Cast for UCP and personal review.

  30.MN: Suggest a last call reviewer at Apple computer
     Status: No response Mary Beth Janes at Apple to review document
  31.TL: Get feedback from MS IE Team on usability of 5 October Techniques
structure (wait for next draft). --done


   1.Register for F2F meeting at IBM in Austin, TX on December 9th and 10th

db- will register soon
mq - will register soon
jg - 8 people currently registered


   1.Add EZ access / AIIP as techniques for checkpoint 1.1 for devices that
support only one input method

jg- wants to withdraw proposal for EZ access pointer, still to early in
development, wait for it to be more stable
all- no objections
jg- new issue by Rich, cross platform accessibility should be DOM level 2,
based on mozilla work and sharing DOM module. Last call issue, it is on the
issue list (issue 114)
ij - not sure how it changes current check point, "implement DOM"
jg - rich wants stronger recommendation for DOM2, always provide access to
ij-will look at proposal
jg-reference dom2
ij-dom2 is at last call. difficult to reference in our document
jg-process-review checkpoints
ij-review proposals, rather than open questions
jg- hb 11/14 table tech #286 on the list
hb- table, affect of column spanning on the linearization algorithm, listed
problems, no good solutions, implementation problems
jg-can you propose a new algorithm
ij-send task to html wg, they need to fix it, send suggested solutions,

**action hb sent problem statement to the list and www-html-editor@w3.org
**action ij bring table problem to html wg

jg- problem has be around for a while, how to communicate to html group
ij-send problem to editor of html working group wwwhtmleditor@w3.org
ij-not a dependency, algorithm is broken,
jg-will review by working group, then forward to www-html-editor@w3.org
ij-cc editor and ua group
hb-raised issue with Dave Raggett 1.5 years ago, no response

Editor note 2.1.1 delete from jg proposal

2.1.2 In a speech based user interface allow the user to navigate letters,
words, sentences and other semantic phrases of text content

problem with large screen and horizontal scroll bar, what to do about the
rendering content in the width of the current window, screen readers may
only what is in the display window.
ja-if browser reformats loose relationship of information
rs-ie reflows
jg-depends on author coding of page, browser adjusts
mq-other devices may affect screen width
jg-no other graphical browser

2.1.3 add list of requirements.
rs: techniques for GL 1 , aspects of textdrawing calls for legacy screen
readers, 2 areas for text drawing, standard device api, talk directly to
video buffer, refer back to other sections that relate to this topic.
jg-cross referencing techniques or checkpoints is good, techniques that
cross more than one checkpoint should map to Section 3 topical discussions
2.1.4. Provide the user with information about the type of element; for
example support the generated content elements of CSS
jg-implement pseudo element and content tag information

**action gr style pseudo element list numbering with content tag

hb-user needs option for blank or null alt display or notification
ja-may be able to display something for null alt image with css
gr-discussed this on the list, presented proposal
dp-problem gr techniques go against
cmn-wcag display what author specifies as alt text
dp-author may specify nothing resulting in link, link, link
gr-will send again
db-conventions for alt, use null value, proposal will work only if authors
jg-this is a p3 in uagl, should this go to html wg
db-no, just need the information
gr-will cross post to wcag
cmn-not for html wg,  bad authoring not html
jg-need good example of this for guideline 8

2.1.5. Allow the user to view structured and outlined views of the content
facilitate the identification of topics and structure of the document
**reference checkpoint in gl 8

2.1.6 Provide generated content to indicate structural relationships like
table cell header information and which item in a list of items
**reference checkpoint in gl 8 or table topic in section 3, list of items
section in gl 4

2.2.1 Allow the user to select their preferred language when rendering
audio descriptions....
dp-for voice browsing, hpr has this feature, may be a good example
jg-another checkpoint 2.3 auto change of language
may need another techniques

2.2.3 allow user to view/select language tracks, caption tracks (see quick
time, and real player) addressed in MRotherberg materials

db-leaves call

maria-render visually
gr- css pseudo element may help with this ja to help

**action gr css pseudo class for lang change in document

maria - should have user control configure how lang changes are rendered

editor add user control configure how lang changes are rendered to check
point 2.2.3

**action maria configuration options for checkpoint 2.2.3 may need help,
send proposal to list. gr to help

gr-if you implement css you get a lot of stuff for free

2.4.1   Provide a list of static links for time dependent links in a

2.4.2   Allow the user to configure the user agent to pause the rendering of
time dependent content when time dependent active content changes

add reference to multimedia stuff

maria-do we have information on imagemaps, in smil can have hot spot links
on images videos, need to extract these links for user to activate.
gr-need a no script option in addition to pause, long list on the cast site,
a gif is linked to hyper link that is only on the page for 5 seconds
gr-to make an example of this
jg-if smil doc, with links (map element) on image
cmn-required to have alt
maria-in smil you only have title, still time dependency issues
jg-smil doc should be accessible, if links embedded in video, only have
title attribute

**bring up next week - smil and hotspot problem

**action maria to send smil examples to the list.

2.6.1 refer back to choosing equivalent tracks see 2.3

2.7.1   If captioning information is not available and captioning is turned
render “no captioning information available” in the captioning display

2.7.2   If no ALT text or TITLE text has been provided by the author render
word “image” with the file name

2.7.3 If no TITLE text is available for a FRAMESET element, render FRAME x
of y
frames or use the TITLE information from the URL referenced by the FRAMESET

dp-concerned with checkpoint that says "render nothing"
jg-these should cover that
dp- still a problem with ""
mq-what if there is no title
jg-render frame x of y
gr-get title, if none present then present x of y
hb-any feed back from any outside list
jg-no, will send out reminder to invited reviewers
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